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Have a question about SimpleTollFreeā„¢ or how to use your account? Below are the features and instructions to help you get started. If you need additional assistance, contact our award-winning Customer Care.

What is SimpleTollFree?
SimpleTollFree is a telephone conferencing service that uses a toll-free conference dial-in number.
What are the costs involved in a SimpleTollFree account?
As the host, you will be charged $0.06 per minute per person for each conference call.
How will I be billed?
At the end of the conference call, our system creates a Call Detail Report which lists all the conference call participants and the total minutes they remained in the conference call. This is emailed to you, and your credit card is billed automatically for the total minutes used in the conference call.
Is there a limit on how many conference calls I can make?
No, you may make an unlimited number of calls and have as many accounts as you need.
How many participants can be in a single conference call?
You can include up to 1,000 participants in each conference call.
Is there a limit on the length of a SimpleTollFree conference call?
Each conference call can last up to six hours, but there is no limit on how many hours you can conference each month.
Can I record my conference calls?
Yes, you can record conference calls. Go to the Instructions page to learn more.

Note: Only one recording at a time can be accessed using the playback number. Every time the recording feature is activated, the previously recorded conference call becomes accessible only by logging in to your account and listening to or downloading the audio file. To keep your most recently recorded conference call, log in to your account and download the audio file before your next conference call.

How do I access my recorded conference calls?
To access your recorded conference call, log in to your account after the conference is completed and dowload the file. You can also use the playback number to listen to the recorded call via the telephone.
Are you going to sell my email information?
No. We will send you an occasional email with information about the web-site, your account or changes to the service. For more information, review our privacy policy.
Can I use a calling card to call the bridge?
Yes. You may also use 10-10-### services to connect at favorable rates.
Can international callers participate?
Yes, long distance rates will apply.
Is this a VoIP or an internet service using my computer?
No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing service that utilizes your regular telephone.
How do I get a SimpleTollFree conferencing account?
To get an account, click Sign Up and complete the registration form (a valid credit card is required). When finished, the system will provide you with a dedicated toll-free (800) phone number, access code, host PIN and and instructions on how to use the service. A confirmation will also be sent to the email provided.
How do I set up a conference call?
Notify your participants of the date and time for your conference call. Provide them with the dial-in number and access code. At the scheduled time of the conference call, everyone dials in and the call begins.
Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call?
No, there are no reservations required for this 24/7 service.
What do I give to my conference call participants?
Give your participants the toll-free number and access code.

Privacy policy: We take reasonable steps to insure that these statements are followed within our company. Information related to any subscription, registration or request with the service and/or the website are kept confidential and private. This information is not distributed or made available to others without the subscriber's prior permission. is committed to ensuring the security of your information.

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