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Have a question about how SimpleTollFree works? Below are the features and instructions to get started. If you need additional assistance, our award-winning Customer Care team is available 24/7.


When you use your SimpleTollFree account, provide participants with the date, time, dial-in number and access code for your conference.

All participants call the same dial-in number and enter the same access code followed by the # key. Once connected to the conference, each participant is placed on hold and hears music until the host arrives. Once the host enters the access code, a prompt is played to enter the host PIN, which opens the conference and enables host keypad commands (see below for a complete list).

Recording Instructions
Record the conference by pressing *9 on your phone keypad. A prompt plays notifying everyone that the recording has started. To stop and save the recording, press *9 again.

To access all your conference call recordings, log in to your account and go to History & Recordings. Use the playback feature to listen to your most recently recorded conference over the phone.

Note: Only your most recent recording is available through the playback number. Other recordings can be accessed online by logging in to your account and listening to or downloading the audio files.

Playback Instructions
To listen to the recorded conference, provide participants with the play-back number and access code.

Note: This number is different from the conference dial-in number. When participants call the playback number, they are prompted to enter the access code. Once confirmed, the system plays back the recorded conference. During playback, participants can go forward or rewind the recorded conference (see below for a complete list of commands).

Keypad Commands

To access the various SimpleTollFree features during a call, use the commands below.

Participant Keypad Commands
Self mute/unmute
Host Keypad Commands
Participant count
Listen-only mode
Self mute/unmute
Conference lock
Entry/exit tones
Playback Feature Keys
Rewind 30 seconds
Fast forward 30 seconds
Pause/resume playback
Detailed Keypad Explanation

Participant count - *2 (host only)
Hear a count of how many participants joined the conference.

Exit conference - *3
Take your individual line out of the conference call and back into the lobby. At the prompt, press *1 to confirm that you want to exit the conference or press *2 to cancel.

Instructions - *4
Hear a list of available keypad commands.

Listening modes - *5 (host only)
Press *5 once to mute all participants and give them the ability to unmute themselves by pressing *6. Press *5 a second time to mute all participants without the ability unmute themselves. Press *5 again to return to open conversation mode.

Mute - *6
Press *6 once to mute your individual line. Press *6 again to un-mute your line.

Security - *7 (host only)
Lock the call and prevent any other participants from joining the conference. Press *7 again to open the conference again.

Entry/exit tones - *8 (host only)
Press *8 once to turn entry and exit tones off. Press *8 a second time to turn entry tones off and exit tones on. Press *8 a third time to turn entry tones on and exit tones off. Press *8 one more time reset both entry and exit tones to the default.

Record - *9 (host only)
Press *9 to begin recording the conference. An announcement is made that the conference is being recorded. To stop and save the recording, press *9 again.

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